2006 Niagara Chapter Brevet Results and Ride Reports

June 11, 2006: Around the Bay 300K

Louis Dionne 17:25
Mike Maloney 17:25
David Roderick 17:25
Dan Waldron 17:25 (unofficial)

May 28, 2006: Port to Port 200K

Bill Hyde - 9:10
Dan Miron - 9:10
Thomas Nelson - DNF
Dan Waldron - DNS

May 20, 2006: Fleche Ontario

Team name: Quattro Fromaggi
Team members: Rolf Hauckwitz, Don Magie, John Maccio, Dick Felton
Distance ridden: 371K

Team name:Team Y
Team members: Bob Kassel, Erez Tamari, Steve Rheault.
Distance ridden: 389K

Team name: Fleche Wounds
Team members: Vytas Janusauskas, Patti Von Niessen, Peter Grant, Sue Pond
Distance ridden: 428.9K

Team name: Team Rainbow
Team members: Henk Bouhuzen, Marti Du Plessis, Fred Krawiecki
Distance ridden: 475K

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