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Huron Forecast

Saturday July 11, 2015 Bowle Buster 300km (Brevet)
Friday July 17, 2015 Carey's Carefree Cruise 400km (Brevet)
Saturday August 01, 2015 North Huron Tributaire 200km (Brevet)

Ottawa Chapter link to Ottawa rides       Weather Forecast

Saturday July 04, 2015 Animalathon 300km (Brevet)
Saturday July 11, 2015 Bancroft 166km (Populaire)
Saturday July 18, 2015 Chenaux 200km (Brevet)
Saturday July 25, 2015 Osgoode 133km (Populaire)

Simcoe-Muskoka Chapter link to Simcoe-Muskoka rides       Weather Forecast

Saturday September 12, 2015 Big Chute 200km (Brevet)

Toronto Chapter link to Toronto rides       Weather Forecast

Saturday July 04, 2015 Grand River 200km (Brevet)
Saturday July 04, 2015 Tour of Southwestern Ontario 600km (Brevet)
Saturday July 18, 2015 Hills Villes and Valleys 300km (Brevet)
Saturday August 01, 2015 LOL 1000km (Brevet)

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